Monthly Bible Studies and Resources

Monthly Bible Studies to help you stay Rooted Gracefully in the Word of God.

Rooted Gracefully Women's Bible Study Group

This group is for our monthly Bible studies. We will host a 5 to 7 day Bible study each month. You are welcome to invite any fellow believers to join us.

Hello there!

Rooted Gracefully is about encouraging and motivating women to become rooted in the Word of God, whether you are a new Christian or have been for a long time.

The Scripture is sufficient to help us through all circumstances in this life (2 Timothy 3:16) therefore it is important to study and apply what the Bible teaches us.

At Rooted Gracefully  we are a mother and daughter team that uses our respective gifts in creative design, Bible study writing and Biblical counselling to be used as vessels for the Glory of God and His kingdom.

We provide free Bible studies, resources and creative printables to help you stay rooted in the Word of God.